Here at New Grade Roofing we pride ourselves in supplying, installing and repairing all types of slate and roof tiling to the highest standard and at an affordable price for our customers.

Which slate and roof tiling should I choose?

Choosing the right roof tile often comes down to aesthetics, roof pitch, weather resistance, weight, sustainability, availability and budget.

A slate roof is 100% natural, fire resistant and energy-efficient. Helping
to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Environmentally friendly, lasting up to 100 years or more, if installed correctly.

Concrete tiles can look similar to clay tiles. They do tend to fade over time but are low maintenance and fire resistant.

Clay tiles are a traditional favourite, strong and durable, lighter than concrete tiles but heavier than natural slate and fibre-reinforced concrete tiles.

Cedar shingle tiles and shakes have a natural appearance. They are sustainable, due to being lightweight, so the carbon footprint of transporting them is minimal. They also provide excellent insulation and sound proofing.

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